In today’s competitive business era, there are people who are eager to work on ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas with a motive to resolve the complex business environment. Abhinav Angirish, Founder of Abchlor and InvestOnline is one such persona who firmly believes to prove his mettle in the financial domain. Putting aside a…

Dr. Surana not only helps people develop life skills but he is a living example of proving wrong the disbelief of “Only after you study Engineering–Medical, you have a bright career.” …

With 10 years of successful business operations in India and globally, Big Star is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company which offers 360 Degree Event Management Solutions from Real Events (Corporate Events, BTL Activation, Branding Solutions, Experiential Marketing, Celebrity and Promotion, Exhibitions) to Virtual Events (Webinars, Webcasting, Virtual Entertainment…

Finding possibilities and consideration of every situation being just a matter of mindset made us look at Probox’s Founder and Executive Director, Rajesh Kutty who always plays on the front foot and has made PROBOX jump leaps and bounds under his leadership.

RK, as his peer knows him, is a…

Entrepreneurs: A Winning Approach

What comes to your mind when your ‘Business Empire’ comes in mind? For me, it’s an army working together to obtain the objectives of achieving vast wealth and unyielding power.

Your business can’t be successful if it’s led single-handed. A productive team is required that can work for the shared objectives and goals.

Read how to create a determined and productive team?

  1. Focus on choices for roles
  2. Each role is important
  3. Set targets
  4. Keep them motivated
  5. Trust your employees

Celebrate your successes and failures: Celebrate accomplishment of your small projects or goals which brings your entire team together. If someone has done a commendable job, recognize and appreciate it in front of team. This satisfies the self-esteem need of your employees.
If your team members fail, redirect them on how to do accomplish those tasks and put their efforts in something positive.

The era we live in is replete with all types of content. Similarly, the consumers of these millions & millions of content pieces are varied and not usually the people you want to reach. So then, how do you differentiate a genuine audience for you & your brand among these?

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